Friday, August 3, 2007

Finse, Bergen and Voss {Norway} 2007 and more recently 2015.

Wednesday I flew into Oslo for my trip to the fjords of Norway and trekking. The first picture of Finse was taken 24 hrs. after the next 3 Finse pictures. Word of warning, most hostels and mountain cabins outside the large cities start closing Aug. 31st. When I got off the train in Finse I was told the hostel had closed days earlier so I caught the next train {5 hrs later} to Bergen. I could not find the hostel in Bergen and the cheapest room I could find at 1am was $250. Plan better is what I should have done. I caught the train the next day to Voss and stayed at a great hostel and prepared for my trip to the fjords of Norway.

Pulpit Rock outside of Stavenger, Norway.

2015 pics of Bergen with 3 beautiful sunny days.